Fytofontana Cosmeceuticals


Replacement of plastic surgery operations
Cosmeceuticals = cosmetics + pharmaceuticals
The term “cosmeceutical” marks those cosmetic products, which are complying with pharmaceutical standards. Cosmeceutical suggests that the concerned products have a high concentration of active substances according to serious scientific knowledge, which were transformed into cosmetic stock. At the same time, these facts report that the effect of the active substances – the ingredients – is confirmed by a series of examinations in accordance with official and public methods and available results. This concerns both laboratory results in vitro and their verification in practice – in vivo.

Advantages of our products

  • By the development of our products we applied the latest scientific researches,
  • Due to the high quality of active ingredients they belong to the highest category of skin care products,
  • Due to the high concentration of biological active components, only a small amount of the products is enough to reach the desired effect,
  • The effects and effectiveness of the products are supported by in vivo and in vitro experiments,
  • The grouping of products is unique, they are not classified by skin types, they’re focusing for special skin problems,
  • An important advantage of the products' is that the effect can be reached without the interventions of plastic surgeries.


Peptides in cosmetology

The research of the basic biochemical mechanisms that act against wrinkles has led to the discovery of revolutionary substances, based on peptides, which have astonished experts all over the world. The application of peptides has many advantages:

  • They stimulate the collagen production – which is necessary to keep the skin’s elasticity and flexibility.
  • Anti-wrinkle peptides, which similar to botox, decrease the movement of facial muscles thereby smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Peptides, that rebuild the extracellular matrix.

By joining the most perfect peptides, FYTOFONTANA COSMECEUTICALS has combined the application of a wide-spectrum approach to wrinkle elimination and the fight against skin aging on the basis of the latest findings in pharmacological and dermatological research.